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Help and Support

App Features

Our app has a number of features:

Users and Roles

A user account is required to use AntNupTracker. However, it is easy and free to create an account. There are two types of AntNupTracker users:

This icon is used to denote Professional Myrmecologists. A green version also appears beside flights that have been verified or that were uploaded by a Professional Myrmecologist.

Two flight rows. The top row contains a flight record reported by a Professional Myrmecologist. The green checkmark indicates that the flight is verified, while the green ant icon indicates that the user who reported the flight is a Professional Myrmecologist. The second flight was recorded by a user who is an Enthusiast. Once a Professional Myrmecologist marks it as verified, the green checkmark will appear in the left margin.

This top bar appears above the list. The info button presents information about the app. The filter button allows users to narrow down the flight list shown in the app. The user icon allows the user to access notification settings and useful links.

This is the header displayed on the flight detail screen.
  • The Comment button allows users to write comments for any flight.
  • If the user is a Professional Myrmecologist, the Verifiy button (checkmark) appears. If the flight is not yet verified, the user can mark this flight as verified. A Professional Myrmecologist may also un-verify a flight.
  • If the user is the one who reported the flight record, the Edit button (pencil) appears on the screen.
Note: All flights uploaded by Professional Myrmecologists are implicitly considered verified.