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Welcome to AntNupTracker

The citizen scientist's field tool for recording ant nuptial flights

Cartoon ants
Our project has two goals. First, we want to enable scientists to use the timing of ant nuptial flights to monitor environmental changes on a global scale. Second, we want to help people collect ants in a less destructive and disruptive manner.

To achieve these goals, we have developed AntNupTracker, a mobile app that allows reporting of ant nuptial flights from the field in order to build an open and publicly-accessible database of ant nuptial flight records. This database can either be browsed in the app or downloaded in the format of your choice. Whether you are a beginner or a professional myrmecologist, we invite you to share in our passion for ants and contribute to this citizen science project! Sign up and download the app to begin!

Enjoy tracking those ants!

The Abouheif Lab